Chances, Mistakes, and Getting Messy

There are so many articles and blogs out there about raising children. How do you know what works? What doesn't work? What's the new parenting trend? What's going to screw up the kids for life? And articles filled with so much bologna you can hear it singing the Oscar Mayer wiener song. I haven't been… Continue reading Chances, Mistakes, and Getting Messy



As I sit here watching my babies sleep I think about the world they will be growing up in. I dread the day they lose that innocence and realize the world isn't always a nice place. That things happen- sickness, death, bullying etc. They will realize this, but they will also realize that I won't… Continue reading Love



Feelings. They can crush you, lift you up, make your heart feel so many different things. Until recently I never realized just how deeply others have the ability to feel. Obviously I know that others feel differently than I can/do but I never understood it until now. Everyone has known someone going through a trying… Continue reading Feelings