Feelings. They can crush you, lift you up, make your heart feel so many different things. Until recently I never realized just how deeply others have the ability to feel. Obviously I know that others feel differently than I can/do but I never understood it until now. Everyone has known someone going through a trying time in their life but have been separated from the situation, it’s very much a whole outside looking in feeling. Then to have someone close to you, such as your spouse, sibling, parent, or child gone through something very similar but feel so much more emotionally invested. The sudden realization of what that person has been fighting through can be soul crushing. In the beginning you only hear bits and pieces of what they feel, but at some  point the walls will crumble and the truth comes tumbling out.

I know many of us have had moments when we’re like “it’s not that bad” and “they are over reacting ” but why is it up to us to judge how someone else feels? Just because something might not be a big deal to you doesn’t mean it’s that way for someone else. To another person those feelings could be tearing them apart. I know in the past I have done and thought the same things because I didn’t understand. It’s not always negative emotions people feel that we don’t understand  either.

Sometimes even the positive ones are hard to grasp. For instance becoming a mother; if you aren’t a mother you can’t completely understand the mother child relationship (however that occurs whether it’s naturally, adoption, ect.) Love is another thing that’s hard to realize the depth of in others.It’s like you know the love you and they can show you they love you but you can’t ever feel exactly how much someone loves you.

Honestly I’m not sure which direction I wanted this post to go; I am more trying to wrap my own mind around other people’s feelings. But it makes you think doesn’t it?


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