Chances, Mistakes, and Getting Messy

There are so many articles and blogs out there about raising children. How do you know what works? What doesn’t work? What’s the new parenting trend? What’s going to screw up the kids for life? And articles filled with so much bologna you can hear it singing the Oscar Mayer wiener song.

I haven’t been a parent as long as others out there but I do know one thing that’s never going to change so pay attention because this is important… you will screw up. Yep I said it. As a parent there is no way around it. You will screw up, you will make mistakes and that okay. Your human. Making mistakes is a part of life, you gotta make mistakes to learn and grow. Luckily the kids won’t remember the ones from the first few years of life. You know what I’m talking about; like when they finally decide to roll over its off the edge of the bed or accidently forgetting to buckle them in their carseat or you remember to buckle them in the car seat, but the carseat itself isn’t buckled in. Been there done that. Not saying you won’t feel guilty and horrible about it because you will, but it does happen.

As the kids grow older they too will make mistakes. They will learn how make better judgement calls as they get older. It is our job as their parents to let them make mistakes and to grow from them. Didn’t do your homework and got a bad grade? Sucks to be you kid but now you know the consequences first hand and will do your homework next time. Went on a bad date? Now you have a good story and better idea of what your looking for in a partner.

Shit happens. Life goes on.

Everyday  is a new day for growth. For making those mistakes and trying new things. Encourage your children to take chances and get messy. Let them paint a picture, make new friends, or try out for a sports team. Never played soccer? Go for it! Want to ride a roller coaster? Why not, they might like it.

Today I let my toddler paint a birdhouse for her Grandma’s birthday present. It wasn’t a complete disaster but it was messy. I took the chance to let her do something messy and creative. She absolutely loved it! I encouraged her to have the freedom to express herself and she blossomed. This isn’t the first time I’ve let her paint. She has painted on paper before but never on an actual object like this birdhouse. Painting is an activity both of us enjoy, it’s something we bond over. Maybe this afternoon we can do another fun thing to get those creative juices flowing, maybe we will just watch crap on TV and let ours brains rot. Who knows the world is our oyster!

A wise women once said, “Take chances, make mistakes, get messy!” I for one will follow Miss Frizzle’s advice, I hope you and yours do the same.


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