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What is it to be selfish?

When I think of selfish I think of doing something for yourself, something only for you. Most of the time being selfish has negative connotations, why can’t it be something associated with something positive?

How often as a parent do we get to do something selfish?

I have a feeling a lot of us after becoming parents can say we hardly ever do anything for ourselves anymore, it is almost always for the kids. Believe me I understand that. Practically everything I do in my life is for my children. A few days ago I did something a hundred percent for myself, without my children, without my husband. A mom friend and I went to the movies together to see the movie “Bad Moms”. (If you haven’t seen it it is absolutely hilarious and scary true)

Before that night I hadn’t been to the movie theater in almost 3 years. It was amazing! I was able to turn off for just a little while and just enjoy. Being out doing something for me allowed me to be able to unwind and come home happy and relaxed. If you don’t enjoy the movies go get your nails done, get your hair done, go to target and meander around every damn aisle you can while nursing a coffee. Paint, read, take a walk on the beach or go for a run. Whatever it is that makes you happy, whatever you enjoy but can’t ever seem to have the chance to do. Do it. Find a way. Schedule a babysitter, leave the babies with family or a friend whatever you have to do try and do it.

I know some people don’t have family close, you are a single parent, or maybe you just have a spouse who doesn’t want to help out. Maybe enroll the kids in sports, take them to the library for story time, or just to the park and let them run free. Sit your butt on a bench and do a whole bunch of nothing. You could even get all the babies to sleep and take a bath, light some candles and read a book or listen to music. Do something for you. Take time for you. Take care of you. It’s dreamy I promise.

Those times when you can have a selfish moment is like pressing a reset button. It is super cliché but also super true that when you take care if yourself you are better suited of taking care of others. Like they tell you on an airplane during the safety briefing, put your oxygen on yourself before assisting others. You wont be doing anyone any good if you forget about yourself.

So I ask again when was the last time you did something selfish?


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