Birth · Pregancy

The First Journey- Part 2

The night after I had gone to the doctors started out uneventful. Relaxed for a bit and went to bed at 10 pm. I woke up an hour later and thought my water was leaking and I was cramping about every 5 minutes. I piddled around for about an hour while texting with my mom, “what do I do?!” She told me to just go by the hospital and see what they say, the worst they will do is just send me back home right? So woke up my husband and we headed out, my car was long since packed so we didn’t have to worry about grabbing anything. Got there and they hook you up and run tests to see what’s going on, we were there for about an hour. They said it wasn’t my water but I was having mild contractions, they told me to come back when they were a constant 3 minutes apart. So basically I just came all the way here for you to tell me I peed myself a little bit… lovely. Oh the ‘joys’ of pregnancy. I wasn’t ready to leave quite yet so we went downstairs and walked around for a bit before we headed home.

Got home and my husband went right to sleep; whereas I was timing my contractions and attempted to watch some TV. For the next several hours I timed them and they were a steady five minutes and below and they were strong enough where I couldn’t sleep. Around six in the morning we head back to the hospital. I asked for something so that I could get a little bit of rest having only slept for an hour. Thankfully they obliged and I was able to get another two hours of rest. My mom and dad got there around 8 or so. A nurse came in saying I could stay or I could go home and try to walk this baby out more, they wouldn’t let me eat anything to I opted to leave. Before we left the nurse looked at me and was like when you feel like crawling up on a table and having the baby right then and there come on back. We just went downstairs and I stuffed my face full of pancakes before we attempted to go for a walk outside. Holy crap was it cold. No way, no how, nuh uh. Instead we go to the mall and after a few minutes of walking those contractions starting kicking up. It seemed like every minute I was saying, “There’s one”, “there’s another.” In actuality it was every three minutes. My mom was looking at me like I had grown 4 heads.

After a half hour or so of that I told mom I was ready to go so we headed back to my house. We were there for only twenty minutes, just long enough for me to braid my hair, when I looked at my mom and said, “I think I’m ready for that table now.” My husband and I took one car and my parents took another. It was a little after lunch time when we arrived. We got the hospital first and were placed in the observation area, a nurse came to check me and the second she did my water broke. Everywhere. I don’t think I have ever seen my husband so shocked. That made it so I ended up staying and able to get one of those heavenly epidurals.

Ugh bloodwork, I hate needles with a fiery passion, but you can’t get an epidural without it. Before I was able to get that I was a mean little slice. I would let anyone but my husband touch me (his hands were super cold on my ankle and neck and were totally dreamy at that point). My mom kept trying to talk to me and joke around, I ended up telling her to shut up… oops (sorry mama). When the guy walked in to give me an epidural I think I told him I loved him, I know my husband loved him at that point ha-ha. Getting an epidural is a pain in the ass… err back. Having to sit forward super still is not easy when you’re in pain; my man had my front though, since my back was occupied and all.

Fast forward about three hours; it is finally time to meet my baby girl. I am a bundle of nerves and excitement. My midwife instructed me on what we have to do and in between contractions we joke around. I tell them after this I’m going to get a chocolate milkshake, the hospital has The Best. After a little less than an hour of pushing she arrives, all 7 lb. 1oz of her. She was (and is) the most beautiful pink blob I have ever seen. I did all the hard work and yet she came out and she looks exactly like her father.


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