Mommy Only

One of Those Days

Today has just been one of those days and I just want to vent. I love my kids to death but some days they just drive me up the wall. Today has just been full of whining, grumping, and foot stomping. Plus my kids have been acting up too.

I guess everyone just woke up on the wrong side of the bed today. My toddler just wants to whine about Every. Damn. Thing. Oh no the wrong shoes, let’s throw a tantrum! Ugh I didn’t want my sandwich squished together today, the world is ending! I don’t want to go to school Mommy!! You get it; it was a nitpicky can’t please her day. I hear those who are past that phase laughing and remembering those times, nodding your head thinking “just you wait.” I know I know. Today though I am just thankful I get to go to class tonight and take a break.

Speaking of school, I have done great this semester but I just keep coming back to a business idea that I just can’t shake that I need to do it. Like all things in life it comes down to money. Almost everything in life comes down to money. As much as I am itching to do this idea I just can’t afford to and it is driving me nuts. I’m not going to share what it is at this time but I have been thinking about it for several years but the past year I have gotten more serious about wanting to actually do it. All day today I have been thinking (when I am not being yelled at by children) if I want to keep doing school and the relevance of it to what I want to do in life. I could keep going and it wouldn’t hurt me in the least, it could actually help since I am taking business classes. Then I think most people that own their own business don’t have degrees in it. So I have just been teetering with the idea on what I want to do because registration for next semester is coming up soon. Finals are next week, yikes! I am not bragging I am just so proud of myself because all semester I haven’t once dropped below an A. Never in my life have I had that happen and coincidently enough this is the busiest I have ever been while in school. Hopefully it stays that way after finals next week. Fingers crossed.

Venting helps or maybe it’s just that the babies have stopped yelling and crying. Thank goodness for technology and teething rings. They both napped at the same time today and it was a dream. I was cleaning like crazy yesterday so I sat my butt on the couch and watched South Park, ate whatever I wanted (nothing good for me), and read a dirty book. It was Heaven. But for now it is time to go be Mommy again, I have to make dinner (pizza, what else?) and get ready for school (thank goodness). Aaaaand the crying starts again… like I said, one of those days.


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