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Writing and Life

I love words. They can create something beautiful, a whole other world even. The best writer makes you feel like you are part of the story, a book, a poem, even a blog can make it seem like real life. Creating art has always been a big part of my life. Painting, drawing, writing, music whatever it may be it was always encouraged. Writing like this though is a fairly new thing for me in the creativity department; normally my go-to is painting. Painting allows me to be scatterbrained and get things out however I need to but writing is more difficult because I actually have to put words to what is going on in my mind.

Every year for Christmas my mom does a letter to our family and friends giving them an update with how everyone is doing and what new things are happening in our lives. Since I have kids now I have started my own letter in the hopes of keeping the tradition alive. When I told my mom that I was going to do this she told me to just write and not think about it and that’s exactly what I did. That’s the same thing that I do on here when I write. I don’t think; I just go for it.

I feel like all my “best thinking” is done in the shower (where else am I gonna think up those million dollar ideas?) or during those 3 am feedings. I always come up with some great things I want to write about but then life takes ahold of me and I end up forgetting (I have a terrible memory). My kids have their days when I can write for a bit while they play or nap but other days (like the days I actually have ideas on what to write about) they are up my butt so bad I can’t even turn the computer on without one of them whining about something. Today the toddler wouldn’t nap and woke her brother up three times from his nap. Momma was not happy. Which in turn meant it was a difficult day to be able to sit down and have a moment on the computer. Because of the randomness of my writing I have like 5 half-finished projects on my computer at any given time. My post about Healing and Expectations took several weeks to do just because I always had to keep stopping to take care of something/someone but that’s life.

The month of December had been hell. There is always someone sick, a never-ending cold and pink eye have been the bane of my existence the past month. Don’t get me wrong they aren’t hard ones to deal with and I would much rather these than a stomach virus but damn it just would not end. Last week I had one the worst nights yet on the sleep counter. The baby didn’t get to sleep until 1, and then an hour later the toddler woke up because she had an accident, the baby woke up at 3 and then back up at 530 for a good 45 min and then the toddler was ready to start the day at 7:30. Kill me. By 5 in the evening and my butt was dragging. After we finally got the baby’s medicine filled (after 7 hours, ugh) he was happier. Several days later things are finally turning a corner, everyone is sleeping better, school has started back, and mommy can finally put on real pants again.

Sometimes life gets in the way of things we want to do but those things don’t last forever even if it feels like it will. Creative outlets can be beneficial to helping tame the crazy in life and I am thankful my parents encourage us to do things that we enjoy, just like I will encourage my children. Writing is a lot like life you never know what is going to come of it until you’re done.


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