Mommy Only · Parenthood


(I hadn’t meant for this to become poem-esque but it did…)


Momming can be hard

Days that feel like they will never end

When the kids won’t stop screaming

And laundry is overflowing


The toddler is sick

And the baby is teething

Pets to take care of

Doctor’s appointment got missed


Errands to run

And boo-boo’s to kiss

Floors to vacuum

Bathrooms to scrub


Someone got hurt

And naps got skipped

Dinner to cook

Babies to feed


Dishes to rinse

And baths to give

Cuddling my loves

Fresh babies to smell


Toesies to tickle

And stories to tell

Singing songs

Tucking into bed


Hearing “I love you”

Makes me melt

Momming is hard

Yet sweet as hell



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