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Ready or Not

As the title says ready or not kids will come. When I found out I was pregnant with my first child I was completely unprepared for what was about to happen in my life. Prior to having my kids I’ve worked two jobs since high school and I was a full time college student, my life was busy; or so I thought. When you bring a child into the world there is hardly words to describe the changes that occur. Everyone knows about the lack of sleep, the poopy diapers and things of the like. I wasn’t at a point in my life where I thought I was ready to have a child; I mean I was only 21 years old when I got pregnant!

For as long as I can remember I hadn’t wanted to birth my own children; I always wanted to adopt but life thought otherwise. I will be forever grateful that it did, my children are my life. The most cliché adage is that, “no matter how much you prepare you will never ready”, couldn’t be more accurate. You will never financially be ready, you will always have things in life you want to accomplish, and you worry having a child will hold you back. You can do everything you have always wanted when you have children. Sure you might have to go about it a different way but your life will not end. It will only ever improve.

Children make life worth living. They make it more of an adventure than it ever was before, trust me. It might not always be back-packing across Europe or vacations to the Bahamas; but wrangling a child that has poop halfway up their back, screaming bloody murder because they have to get a bath, all while acting like they are receiving an exorcism is defiantly an adventure all its own. There is also great adventures as well; first steps, first words, the first “I love you”, going to a museum, or taking a road trip.

No matter how many kids you have though you will never be prepared whether it is your first or your fifth, each child brings a universe altering experience all their own. With my second child it wasn’t the “first time mom” experience. There weren’t the same worries, or uncertainty of what was happening as with my first child but there were other things that I worried about instead. How can people afford two children in diapers? Will they get along? How will we handle jealousy? And since my second child was a boy… how the hell do I deal with the penis/guy issues?! Circumcision? Sports? Boners? Girlfriends? Help!!! I can do make up and anything girl related but when it comes to all that I am at a loss. Thank god for my husband!

There will always be reasons that having kids is not ideal “right now”, and that you’re not ready; but there is every reason in the world to have them, to love them, and to cherish them. People say that having children is a gift. A dirty, messy, gross, incredibly wonderfully loving gift; and they will be right.


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