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Self- Knowledge

As the movie Divergent is playing on the television I watch the parent’s faces as their daughter Beatrice picks a different faction than theirs and it’s heartbreaking. They look so devastated at the same time though Beatrice may look sad but there is also relief. She made a choice that was from her heart, she was being true to herself instead of letting the guilt of how her parents feel hinder her choice. As Beatrice leaves with her new faction, they are running, climbing, jumping, she is genuinely happy; she looks as if a weight has been lifted from her. As Beatrice is welcomed into her new fraction she recreates herself, she goes from Beatrice the meek to Tris the brave. That one choice to leave all that she knows changes her life completely. Without that choice she would never be who she is today.


noun: self-knowledge

Understanding of oneself or one’s own motives or character.

Self-knowledge is incredibly important; if you don’t know who you are and what you want it can make life incredibly confusing; I know this from personal experience. Only after I have had my kids do I know what I wanted to do when I grew up oddly enough. I had more or less stumbled across the crazy journey of becoming a lactation consultant (currently in school for it); numerous people I talked with had horrible experiences with them. There was stress, tears, and failure for many that I talked with. The people that were supposed to be there to help and support those in their breastfeeding journey were the ones that set them up for failure with the pressure they bestowed upon them. Since becoming a breastfeeding momma myself I’ve attempted to help others and realized that I enjoyed helping them, listening to them, validating them and building them up for such a journey. Gaining this knowledge about myself has helped shape what I would like to do for the future.067

I want my children to be kind, happy, healthy, smart, strong, conscious, self-sufficient people. I want them to be able to make choices that suit who they are on the inside without fear of judgement from me. I want them to feel supported in all they do. Even if that means they live in another country and I don’t see them very often, or they are in a job that I may not understand but they thrive in. As long as they aren’t doing something that hurts themselves or others I have their back. If my children know what they want to do when they are five years old that’s great I will be so happy for them or if it takes them till they are forty years old to know what they want to do that’s great too I will still be happy for them. You never know when you will find what you want to do in life and that’s alright, but I believe it is important that one day you find out. Who you are is important.


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