Mommy Only

First Sleepover

While reminiscing the other day I couldn’t help but think about my first slumber party. Well my first slumber party at someone else’s house. I have never been one that likes to sleep outside of my home so this was a big step for me. It was my twelfth birthday and just when there was only two people left, my best friend and one of my other friends. My best friend Heather asked me if I wanted to spend the night with both of them. I panicked a little on the inside; other than staying at my grandparents I haven’t stayed at a friends before. More than the panic though there was the desire to go and to have fun, so I asked my mom and she said yes, it was time to put my big girl pants on and do this! We quickly packed my overnight stuff and we were off. I have a pretty horrible memory so I don’t remember much about that night except what it known as the “gas station freak out”.

Down the street from my childhood home was a gas station, it was getting dark and cloudy out; there was a thunderstorm coming. Heather’s mom had to get some gas, alright no problem right? Wrong. The three of us were sitting in the backseat and while her mom went into the gas station it started storming; thunder, lightning, the whole shebang. Well, here’s where it gets embarrassing and hilarious. People’s reactions feed off each other; well we had a moment where we started freaking out. It went a little something like this…

“Isn’t gas flammable?”

“What if the lightening hit the gas pump?”

“Will we blow up”

“Oh my god we’re gonna die!”

“Get me out of here!!”

By this point we are freaking out trying to get the hell out of the car when my best friend’s mom comes back out and looks at us; my second momma has this look alright. It’s the mom look that is a mix of “you are completely insane” and, “what the hell is going on?” After “the look” we end up settling down and go about getting gas and head to her house. Looking back now it’s hilarious, we still laugh about how ridiculous it was.

Here’s where somethings get sketchy for me. I remember her brothers barging in and bugging us all night, they love to annoy my best friend; while annoying at times they are fiercely protective too. Anyone who they consider family they have their back. They are a close knit family that I am thankful to be a part of. (Love you guys!) I also remember us feeding our faces, and annoying her mom by being up all night. We were told several times to GO TO SLEEP, who does that at sleep overs though?! My first sleepover was a success all thanks to my best friend and my second family. It was defiantly one for the books.


(I know your reading this and in your mind filling in the huge gaps I missed; this is why you’re my best friend. I miss your face)


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