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The Difference

Before I had my children I had absolutely no idea what I wanted to do when I grew up. Now three years later I realize what I want to do; I want to help other mothers. Currently I am studying to be a lactation consultant, you wouldn’t believe how many women I have heard from saying what a horrible experience they have had. Some of the consultants they dealt with were pushy, judgy and rude to these new mothers who didn’t know what they were doing and needed their help. Questions that they never got answered and goals that were never met because of these consultants; I vow to be different.

I vow to not judge mothers on their choice whether it is to breastfeed or not

I vow that I won’t force my opinions on them if it isn’t the right choice for them and their family

I vow that I won’t be rude to them

I vow to support them

I vow to encourage them

I vow to listen to them

I vow to answer their questions and concerns to the best of my ability, and if I don’t have the answers to seek them out from those that can

Helping moms whether this is their first rodeo or their fifth I enjoy helping. Giving advice when asked, a listening ear when needed, encouragement or just having someone to commiserate with I feel is what I’m built for. Maybe that’s just the mom in me wanting to take care of others or maybe it’s what I am meant to do, either way it feels right.

Chances are if I know you and you have recently had a baby I have checked in on you. Not to be nosey but just to make sure you’re alright. I know how hard having a baby can be, I’ve had two. After having my first child the very first night home was absolute hell. My hormones crashed hard and my daughter was cluster feeding for hours upon hours it was awful. Thankfully my mom was there and took her for a bit so I could have a little sleep and try again. I hadn’t known anything about cluster feeding none of the consultants had warned me and it wasn’t in any of the literature I received from the hospital! I felt like I was doing something wrong, even though I had done a lot of research I was unprepared and it was awful. I want people to enjoy their babies, granted it’s not always sunshine and rainbows that’s a fact of life but just having someone there that understands can sometimes make all the difference.

I want to be that difference


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