The Threenager

Kids make life an adventure that’s for sure, in my house we are going through the three’s and holy crap are they a doozy. Several of my mom friends I’ve talked to who have children around the same age say their kids are going through all the same stuff, back-talking, whining, not listening, basically acting like little hellions. I love my children to death but my goodness gracious does my patience get tested on the regular. The two’s sucked but was tolerable, the three’s though? That is an entirely new circle of hell. My three year old now has a bigger vocabulary and an even bigger personality, she is certainly my strong willed child. When there is something she doesn’t want to know you are damn sure going to hear about it from her.

The threenager loves to play with her little brother but doesn’t understand that when she gets excited she can become too rough and hurt him. Bumps and bruises yeah they are a part of life but my husband literally just told me that she almost bit the tip of his finger off… WHAT?! (Don’t worry he’s fine) Now I know you are sitting there Judgey McJudgerson and coming up with all kinds of things like wasn’t anyone watching them? Or someone needs a good spanking, right? Well stop, as I tell my daughter that’s rude. These kids are always being watched but if anyone who has kids knows, those suckers are fast! My kids like to feed each other snacks and sometimes things get a little out of control, well today was one of those days. Literally all day today she’s been trying her father and my patience. The family tried to go shopping together but she runs away, hides in the clothes racks, and throws a tantrum when we stick her in the cart, blah blah blah. Every. Single. Thing today was an uphill battle. Obviously she got in trouble, but after the finger thing with her brother though she felt bad and knew she was “too much” at that moment. Just by her actions alone you could tell she knew that she hurt him. She didn’t have to say a word for us to know that she felt horrible about the incident.

Even though she made a bad choice she loves her brother dearly and vice versa. They are two peas in a pod and she has been his fiercest protector since we brought him home. Alright, well maybe like a week or two after we brought him home and she realized he wasn’t leaving only then did she become his fiercest protector. They have their moments where they squish, push, pull, bop and all around annoy each other. What are siblings for after all if not to annoy.

I have also talked with other parents who are also raising threenagers and it seems as though some days we are raising completely different children compared to our sweet little cherubs that were there just yesterday. Seriously at this point all this boundary testing is going to be the death of me. If the threes are this insane I’m terrified of the teenage years! Then we add in dating, driving… oh jeez I need to sit down.

For those that have already made it passed this stage please tell me its better on the other side?! For now though I am going back to eating from my chocolate stash (my kids Easter candy) and praying for a better tomorrow full of happy kids and no crying. HA! Yeah right. For now perhaps I am better off just eating my chocolate and crying in my car.


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