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Becky’s Top 10 Pregnancy Tips

7 months along with baby #1

Pregnancy does crazy things to your body, one moment you’re happy as a clam the next you’re trying not to cry into your ice cream (tears tend to ruin the flavor a tad bit). In no particular order I’ve compiled a list of a few pregnancy tips I’ve learned along the way. Enjoy mamas!


    1. You won’t recognize yourself sometimes. All the hormones, the extra blood pumping through your veins, and the various physical aspects of your body changing to accommodate another human can make you feel out of control. You don’t feel like yourself and sometimes you can’t control it no matter how hard you try and that’s okay. Your body is going through a wealth of changes, creating humans is hard work.
    2. Try not to throttle your significant other. Things that never bothered you before now grate on your nerves about your love. The way they chew their food, the smell of their cologne, whatever it maybe- don’t do it, you will need them later and you will miss them when you aren’t chalk full of hormones.
    3. The belly. When you have a nice sized belly while at times it can be taxing other times it can be a god send. For instance, when your arms get tired of holding things the belly is a great place to let things rest. When my sister was pregnant she would sit plates of food on her belly while she was eating, I did that several times as well and it was awesome. I have also used it to help me fold clothes or to rest my older child on when she wanted to be carried. Some people even decorate it for Halloween, the possibilities are endless.
    4. Listen to your gut. If something feels wrong even if you can’t place what it is don’t be afraid to get checked out!
    5. Don’t be afraid to try for what you want. If you want to have an unmedicated birth, go for it. If you want to try for a VBAC and it is SAFE to do so, do it. Home birth? Why not? As long as your goals are SAFE and your doctor/midwife is behind you 110% don’t be afraid to try for what you want.
    6. Be your own advocate or have someone who will be. If you have questions about anything always ask and make sure you are satisfied with the answer. You have a voice throughout the whole process, don’t be afraid to use it.
    7. The sugar test doesn’t always suck. Sometimes it does sometimes it doesn’t, but don’t always rely on hearsay from others.
    8. One person’s pregnancy and birth isn’t everyone else’s experience. Just because someone had something they didn’t like or a horror story to tell doesn’t mean it will be like that for you. Every pregnancy and every birth is different; even the same person has no pregnancy exactly alike.
    9. Modesty goes out the door pretty quickly. This one is pretty self-explanatory. Nothing gets you over being self-conscious like having several people in the room when you shove a baby out of your lady bits.
    10. Find your tribe. These are the people you can relate to. People to swap stories with, to laugh with, to cry with, to drink with; whatever is needed. They can be family, close friends or another mommy you run into at the grocery store as you go about your day and for a split second share an, “I get you, I’ve been there” moment.

Growing another human is no easy feat and these are only a handful of things I’ve learned along the way. Once your baby is earthside a whole new set of questions occur for the healing your body encounters after birth, feel free to check out that post here.


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