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Winds of Change

Life has a funny way of making things work; the people that go in and out of your life, the conversations you have, jobs you change, and the places you go all have an impact on the ebbs and flows of what make up your life. Every interaction has its own version of a butterfly effect; small causes that can have large effects. For instance, telling someone a lie to try and get an intended result. How well did that work? Was it the result you wanted or did it increase exponentially with undesired results? See that lie can change the course of well, everything. You never know how damaging one thing could be to another person, how long it can stay with them or how deep it cuts. Even just a change of your words or the tone of your voice could make all the difference between hurting someone and helping someone. Everyone always says that “everything happens for a reason” but man wouldn’t it be nice to know what the hell that reason is?!

If you have ever been pregnant you know how insane your emotions can feel and how quickly they can change. I’m not pregnant but man my emotions feel all over the place, I think I have whip lash. Most days I feel alright, others bound and determined to take action! But then there are those days that I have what feels like lava coursing through my veins, anger that feels near impossible to put out no matter how hard I try and tamp it down. Those little voices in your head picking out every minute insecurity and doubt you have come out to play when all you want to do it tell them to have a seat and be quiet. I have those days, hell we all do, we’re human it happens.

It’s how we deal with those days that make or break us. img_9212

Keeping busy with work, school, my kids, and future planning with my career has kept me on my toes though and won’t let me dwell on things that would otherwise take me off my path of being successful. It’s funny though, as I finish my education I found more things that I would love to do in addition to being a lactation consultant, things I wouldn’t have dreamed of until now! Stories say that a flap of a butterflies wings can cause a major event somewhere else; be your own butterfly, flap your wings, and see the changes you make in your life. Buy the dress, kiss the girl/boy, take the job; change may be scary but sometimes the things that scare you are the things that are worth it the most.


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