Body Image and Beauty

Throughout everyone single person’s life they will have a battle with body image and how they perceive themselves to some extent.

“Why can’t I look like her?”
“I wish I was skinnier”
“If only my boobs were bigger”

I wish, Why, If only… every last thought that follows those words will only hinder how we see ourselves. Why is it that we cannot see ourselves for the beautiful people that we are? Is it nice to hear it from someone else that you look great? Absolutely. Should we let it define how we see ourselves if we don’t hear that? Heck no.

I know that I have had my own share of wanting this to be smoother, that there to be bigger, minimize this here but then I saw who was watching and listening to me. My lips zipped and my brain told me “Hold up!” Do I want my children to hear me complain about how I look? Absolutely not. Kids mimic what they see and hear; I don’t want them to grow up thinking that there is one single thing wrong with how they look because there isn’t. They are absolutely perfect just the way they are. Which got me thinking, “Maybe I am too?”

Loving ourselves is the key. Being comfortable in our own skin is vital.

Society puts pressure on us to look, act, and dress a certain way. I know people who have had body issues in the past, it is awful to watch and be unable to help. Unfortunately telling someone how great and wonderful they are isn’t enough, they only realize and internalize it when they can see it within themselves.

Find your beauty, and it doesn’t have to be just about looks. There is beauty and happiness in being kind to others, of going out of your way to help someone. Let’s say you see a mom and her two kids alone in the grocery store check-out line, one child is sitting in the cart seat and tossed an item or two out. The other child is having a full on melt down, trying to be wrangled by the mom while at the same time the mom is trying to gather the rest of the groceries into the cart. It’s a complete disaster. What would you do? Would you whisper about her “poor parenting”? What about the way she looks? Her hair is in disarray and she seems flustered. What if I told you this mom just got off of a brutal and non-stop twelve hour work day; she never ate her lunch and barely had a chance for a restroom break and her day is nowhere near over yet. Would you still be talking about what you see only on the surface of this situation? What if I tell you the one small act of picking up the item or two tossed out of the cart can make a world of difference in a day gone wrong in someone’s life? How would that make you feel?

We need to show our children (and ourselves) that everyone is different, beauty isn’t only skin deep, and those differences are beautiful and wonderful; they should be celebrated.


I am beautiful, kind, worthy and brave.


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