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Man oh man does moving on take freaking effort to start! However once you build up steam it’s easy to keep going. Like when a train starts moving from the station; at first it’s a little jerky and slow, and the train station isn’t the best sight to see. But then the movements smooth out, the pace picks up, and the sights you see from the windows can be breathtaking. Putting on those big girl panties and doing what you got to do is just like that. You might miss the leg hole a time or two at first but you’ll get there.

Moving on could be from anything going on in your life such as a bad relationship, a new job, toxic friends, maybe your moving to a new place. While it can be scary to take the leap; ask yourself “What would change otherwise?” If you didn’t do the scary things in life, what would honestly change in your life? Nothing. Not a damn thing would change. You would still be stuck in the same bad relationship, with the same toxic friends, in the same dead end job, in the same old town.

Now I ask you this, what could you gain from that leap of faith?

Maybe you could gain…

Someone you love and who loves you back, who treats you well.

A job that you love to go to everyday.Image result for jump

Or maybe even…

A house that you turn into a home.

A group of friends that support you.

That leap of faith is the scariest thing ever but you never know how much it can change your life until you jump. You know what you will lose but you never know what you will gain.

Recently, I took my chances with the leaps that have come my way; they were terrifying choices to make. I did it though; I made my choices, and I leaped. It took me a few weeks to realize it but, the second after I leaped my horizons had expanded farther that I ever realized that they could. Sure there is some turbulence along the way, as with anything in life. Now I know to trust in myself and in those terrifying leaps of faith. If I want to grow, it’s important to remember that I am the one who controls my horizons. They are as narrow or as limitless as I make them.

Being conscious of choices that come our way is vital to living the lives that we want. If you aren’t happy with something change it. Expand those horizons. How liberating and exciting is it to be able to choose your own path?! Have you had the opportunity to try?

I am almost 27 years old (how crazy!) and I never lived off on my own, by myself. I lived with my parents, got married, had kids, now I’m going through a divorce and living with my mom again. I’m at a point now where I took my leap of faith and I am so ready to get out there and find what I want out of life. In a job, a house, one day a relationship (however many years down the road that will be), and what I want in life.

This time I will trust myself. I will leap and have faith in what adventures will begin.



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