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My name is Becky, I’m a momma of two trying to get through the trenches of motherhood with a smile on my face and a chocolate bar in my hand. My passions include reading dirty romance novels and being able to go to the bathroom without a toddler staring into my eyes. I created this blog as a way to connect with others, to document the realities of parenthood, and also as an outlet for myself. Being a stay at home parent isn’t always cupcakes and rainbows and its easy to get lost. This blog has been a way to find a way back to myself. If you’re also on the parenting journey with no map or directions feel free to join me while I too uncover the adventures that await.

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Sarah is a SAHM of 3 crazy boys. Formerly from the middle of nowhere, she now lives where houses touch. She enjoys reading, baking and pretending like she has her life together.

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