Playing with Attitude

Playing with children can be a pain, playing with toddlers is a hell all its own. Don’t get me wrong I love hanging out and playing certain things with them but when it comes to things that involve imagination that’s where things get sketchy. For instance, Barbie’s; they come with so many “rules” and apparently Mommy wasn’t allowed the directions for how to play them. When my almost three year old wants me to play Barbie’s with her inwardly I groan; I don’t want to play. The whole time we do she’s like “No, Mommy that’s not what you do” or “Don’t change her clothes” and “That’s not right” it’s exhausting. I can stand like 5 minutes of it before I’m walking away muttering excuses such as “Mommy has to go shove wooden spikes underneath her nails” or “gotta go scrub our floors”, anything but Barbie’s. Lately though that’s all she wants to do. Ugh.

When it comes to painting, play doh, or helping me bake I can rock it but some games I just have to tap out for. barbiesThis attitude that she gives is crazy and she is only two. Everyone is like just wait till the threes they are worse. Oh great, just what I wanted to hear. I think the threes have already hit because this time last year it was no problem but now my goodness. I just see the teenage years flash before my eyes and I am not ready. I will never be ready for that.

It’s funny though when I was younger I used to spend hours upon hours playing with dolls with my sister. Friday night after we got home from school until Sunday night when my mom made us put everything away. We took over entire rooms; we had a lot of dolls, accessories, cars, and house’s (an embarrassing amount really). I’m sure my parents were like, “Woo hoo! Child free weekend!!”, when we pulled that stuff out because we didn’t bother anyone. Seriously, like no one. My parents didn’t have to worry because we stayed in that one room or the kitchen when we got hungry until it was time for bed. If she still likes Barbie’s when she gets that age I hope she’s the same way, becoming so engrossed in an activity with her sibling because my sister and I had a blast hanging out together like that.

Playing wouldn’t be so bad if the attitude took a vacation for a bit, yeah right like that would happen. I know they try and express emotions and things they can’t express that well yet but still, damn just relax. In those instances where the attitude takes a backseat everyone has a blast. Recently the kids got this thing called Magic Tracks and they are in love. The second that thing comes on both of the kids are just mesmerized it’s amazing. The tracks move all over and we even got them to make hills so there is no limit to their imaginations. They are able to play together which is great because of their age difference he is still young for a lot of stuff that she can do.

Personally I would rather go on adventures with my kids than play games like Barbie’s, I think everyone has more fun that way. Going to the zoo, park, beach, museums, and just plain fun activities is more fun for all of us I believe. I still play games with her like Hungry Hungry Hippos and Trouble but maybe she will give me a reprieve from Barbie’s? Yeah I didn’t think so either.


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