Life’s Updates

Life has been so busy the past two weeks, both babies just got over strep throat a few days ago, I had a lot of homework to get done and on top of that I have to get ready for their birthday party! It was insane. As any parent can attest to having one sick child is insane enough but two at the same time or having them back to back is just plain daunting. Luckily all is well in our world now on the sickness front (hopefully that is it for the year, fingers crossed).


The kid’s birthdays are only three days apart, the littlest is turning 1 and the oldest is turning 3! I’m not ready!!!! This year we did a combo Peppa Pig themed birthday party for them (if you look here you can check out the cake I more or less destroyed). Every year there seems to be a birthday cake mishap, this year it had stuck to the bottom of the pan and wouldn’t come out! I let it cool and everything but alas I failed, literally half the cake was stuck in the pan! I had to pull one of those just lift up the top and shove the crumbs underneath and paste it back together with icing. My goodness it was a disaster. Heather and I were texting throughout the whole ordeal, she was impressed I didn’t burn the cake (score!) but then after the sticking incident she had one of those, “Ah there’s my best friend” moments. Since my daughter was in school this year we allowed her to invite some of her friends to the party. Being as this was the first time we had non- family kids at a party I wasn’t sure how it was going to go but it ended up going well! The house ended up only partially destroyed and nothing was broken so I see it as a win. Just kidding, but everyone was actually really well behaved and had a blast, I was quite impressed! With all the friends and family everything was going great but there was only one problem the party felt more about our oldest than it did about our youngest. I know he doesn’t know any better yet but it’s his first birthday party, I wanted it to be special for him too.IMG_6106 My husband and I both felt the same way but luckily it was just the party though and he still has several more days till his real birthday so when that time comes we plan to make it special for him. As much as we can we try and keep stuff “even” between the kids, obviously that can’t happen all the time but we don’t want either of them to feel like they are getting the short end of the stick. Maybe that feeling was just in our heads, but everyone was very sweet singing “Happy Birthday” for each child which meant a lot to us. We are very thankful to everyone who came out and celebrated with us.

On another note in regard to the blog, I am getting two other mothers on board to write for the site. I have known them both for years and I am positive they are both going to do fantastic! I will add their information as it becomes available so keep your eyes peeled and let me know what you think!


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